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>> good luck this season. ttank you. >> navy quarterback ricky dobbs. bruce baak to you. >> dobbb and navy meet the terps mondayyat 4:00 can at m&t bank stadium. and ravens, it is over. lost to the rams. 27-21 the final. snappiig the preseassn wii streak at seven. now here is jennifer gilbbrt and jeff barnd with the "late edition". >> hurriccne earl batters the coast. what is happening innocean city anddwhere the big storm is going toniihh. >> trouble on the tracks, theú things commuters are saying after another mark breakdown. >> the taste of ne cat. >> that is a violation of the >> serious allegations from a controverssal animal rights orranization. %-the new images of the most famous shipwreck in history. livv in high definition, from wbbf tv in balttmore, this is fox 45 news "late editton".
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>> good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jjff barnd. hurricane earl is winding the way north. >> and it is path is unnertain. ssorm.e team coverage of the chief meteorologist vytas reid has been tracking earl for days. >> starttnow with jeff abell who is standing by live at ocean city where they are bracing for the major storm down there. >> that's right. there is some relief at this hour. that this storm appears to be weakening a bit. but it is still packing a ppwerful punch. it is expecced to arrive on the shore here about 3::0, and go until about three in the afternoon. and become more of a wind storm than a rain storm. damage from this expect they do not expect disaster. >> we'rr looking at tropical force winds in that 40 to 50 miles per hour range. that's a big difference between 90 to 100 miles per hour. we can handle that. we're prepared for that. fast-moving storm.
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so it should come in early and out of here by early afternoon. that's the good news. >> well, even with tropical force winds. city leaddrs are expectingg3 flooding innocean city. they are expectiig some beach erosion. buttthey want vacationers to %-day weekend in ocean city ror ú%ill on. we're live in ocean city tonight. jeff abell, fox 45 news "late edition". >> thank you, jeff. >> storm watchs and warnings, along the eastern seaboard. -nd the monster storm is expected to pass close to north carolinas uter bbnks. this mmrning, thousands wereú told tt evacuate the outer banks >> whatever happens, happens. - mean not much you can do besides board everything up. -> fema teams are sttnding by aa we speak. and president obama has declared a state of emergency. to ensure ttose areas in danger get the help they mayybe needing. >>well, hurricane earl is clossng in on maryland.
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>> chief meteorologist vytas reid has been tracking the storr alllweek long. he joins us with a look at what kind of weather we will be >> national hurricane center issuing warnings for over the good news is that the ain brunt of the storm, eye of the storm, 175 to 00 mills off the coast llne. but stilllaffecting tte coastal regionn so we have tropical storm warnings for the beach areas. ocean city, stretching up to atlantic city. and also rahobeth and bethany beaches. a lot of folks traveling to the beaches thii weekend beccuse of the holiday. maybe wait a day. a day and a half. let the rrp currents die down. it could be treacherous. western edge of the chesapeake bay. advisories. coastal flood dvisories. flood stages 1 to 1 to 2 feet ae normal. looking at the radar. the first waveeof the rain bands starting to come n put it in motioo.3 you can see some of those in the eastern portions of irginia and
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maryland. %-hour winds.eye of the storm. categorr 2 storm. looking at that eye still well organized here as it wraps in the heavyyrain and gusty winds over the outer banks of the looks like the best part of3 thii, is that it is generally the weaker ssde of the storm. stronger side of the storm is northeast quadrant over the i will have earlock closer look at how it affects and us the track of the storm coming p in a few moments. >> thank you so much. you can track hurricane earl using the tools and the sky watch weather ceeter. follow the storms by going to and click on weather. >> gooernor o'malley said that should earl act up. espond o'malley met with officialsú today attthe maryland emmrgency management agency. mema is advising ttavelers to avoid driving to ocean city between 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. friday. meantime, the governor issued an emergency declaration. allowingg tatt agencies to mobilize resources, to preparr.
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>> and everybody is doing what they need to be doing at this point. which is checking the backup power, and the generators, and putting cootractors on call. ú%d in the event there is a need to clear rees and deal with3 >> o''alley said that with high winds and gusts, there is a major potential for downed trees, power lines, and even closed roads. >> trouble continues for marc train riders. >> this video ii ent to us by a ú%de theory train was stuck in the heat in new carrollton..3 500 passengers had to be transferred to another train. causing an hour delay. it is a summmr of trouble for riders commuting from dc to baltimore. and in june, riders sat for two hours on the tracks. tempeeatures that day, above 90. >> we know during the summer months it isshot. train tracks expand.3 they don't travel as fast as normal. that's what we are used to not
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the breaking down offthe trains that have been happening for the most part this year. >> amtrak provided water and a rescue train to pick up the stranded riders. no word oo what caused the breakdown. >> loved onee mourn off aa3 student collapsed and died. 18-year-old catherine carnes collapsed fter 5::0 wednesday playinggvolleyball withhfriends. ddee later on at the hospital. ú% word on why she collapsed. performed. will likely be mcconogh school last spring. >> new details tonight on the three discovery channel worrers held hostage yesterday. they are back home tonight with their families. buttthe investigation continues into why a gunman burrt into the cable network headquarters. the headquarters reopened today. but only for a few hours. gunman is identified as james lee. a man that protested the network's programming in the past. emplooees are relieved ttat three hostages escaped unharmed.
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and they include a seeurity guard. who is also an iraqi war veteran. >> he was the real calming influence in that room. he helped with negotiations. helped feed information back to the police. he was one of many heroes yesterday. >> almost 1900 employees work at discovery channel's headquarters. >> jury selection is underway in the murder trial of former baltimore councilmanken harris, out f 127 jurors, called today. more than half were dismissed. after they earned the trial could last up to five weeks. the defense attorneys look forrard to this trial getting underway. >> i thhnk they are eager to looking forward to it..3 >> not an easyyprocess but they are excited to get going. been awhile. 18 months old. so we are all waiting for this to start. >> jurr selection could take, at least, five days. >> a man will spend the rest of
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his life in prisonnfor a home invasion murder in baltimore county. it happeneddii october of last year. and at thisshome in granite at randallstown. 28-year-old james tan ner broke into the home. and held up lamont bbackstone's wwfe, teenage ddughter and infant son. when blackstooe arrived home, tan ner shot him in the head.ú %-store, and was a youth footbal coach. -> peta is demanding an investigation want to how one cat's case was handled by the city animal shelter. as 150 cats at thh shelter. last weekend animal control officer found an injured cat, paralyzed. the officer decided it was not necessary to notify the %-so the cat was ppt down, the >> if an animal really was ssffer for seven hours, without treaament or euthanasia. thht is a violation f the anti-cruelty stttute.
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>> at 4 a.m. the cat was not in distress. crying, panninn, no visible sign of injury. >> city animal authorities say in indsight they would still nnt react to this cse any differently. >> ocean city officials are considering a smmking ban on their beaahes. instead of putting the ban on the ballot. in the october 18 municipal election, the town council has decided to hold aahearing on the matter. after the election.ú some residents say smoking on beaches, and the boardwalk compromise the resort family friendly image. most businesses say aaban would hurt business. >> early voting for the primary, begins tomoorow. and the attorney general has set up a hotline and e-mail to receiie comppaints of voterr3 intimidation, suppression, and voter misinformation. you can file a complaint by or e-mail at voting at oag dot
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state doo mg. >> furlough day for city employees. tomorrow the city will officialll closed down. except for public safety trash collection.3 also recyclable collecttin. there won't beeann bulk rash collectiin however. and all drop off centers will be clooed. paaking rules, however, remain in effect. soofeed the meters. they will make this greatimeú breakthrrughs.ú >> ractically every president hasstried in the last 50 years. all failed. nowwthe obama administration tries to broker peace in the mideast. the hint of ppogress made tonight. >> and an end to the ravens preseason tonighh. how the purple and black look in the final game before taking on3 and wwh why john harbaugh had a lot tt say, and it wasn't good. to one of h
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>> diplomats, ppesidents and secretary of states have tried it before but got nowhere in the last half entury. we look at the middle east ú%ospects. presideet obama has hrown the ornamental and diplomatic weight of his oofice behind new middle east peace talks. >> negotiateing for 20 years without making very mmch progress. it is hard to see why this time ttey are going to make all of >> after a daa of direct talks a hint oo progress. both sides meet september 15 in egypp.ú secretary of state hillary clinton and special envoy mitchell will attend. eager to see if the simmering conflict over israeli settlements will derail the talkk.
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>> ow, onto the question of the day. can peace be achieved in theú%m? so far 10 percent of you say yes. 90 percent say no. chhistian writes on facebook. according to the bible it will never be. things are meant to be that way. said it would be.n time, as it
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and another viewer isú optimistic. could be,,if we stop instigating drama over there. >> another oil rrg explodes 100 commercial helicopter pilot spotted the rig fire at 9:00 local tiie there. platform when it happened.3 the coast guard rescued all of them from the water. houston based mariner energy incorporated owns the platform. >> new images of the most famous shhpwreck in history are releesed. group expedition titanic got clear video of the reckage. -ictures show the ship's bow where you can see the railings and balconies. 2 miles below the surface of the atlantic ocean. unbelievable. >> hurricane earl is closing in on maryland. >> chief meteorooogist vytas reid said we could see the effects ovvenight. he joins us with a look at what
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kind of weather we could gettand when. >> especially on the eastern shore. along the beaches, where the winds are stronger. hurricane warnings ooer the atlantic. and also we have along thh coastal region, tropiccl forcee3 windd thaa will possible. so tropical stoom warnings, on %-chesapeake bay..33the coassal flood advisories, 1 to 2 feet above flood stage overnight becauseeof the winds from the east. looking at the hurricane satellite radar imagery here. there is a look showing storm tightly packed. still category 2 storm. winds at 104 miles per hour. lessening slowly in intensity. we see with wind gusts at 127 miles perrhour. but definitely this image shows that it has a powerrul punch to pack. but as it continues to track north.3 into slightty coolerrwaters than what is down around thh tropics. ii looks like things will start to calm down a bit as a category one. and then maybe make landfall at nova scotia, bay of fundi where it may make landfall sunday. but off tte coasttof the atlantii, it wiil affect the
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coastal regions. ww can see strong storm surge passing overnight through tomorrow. friday, ffiddy night, saturday. so folks do not jump righttin the water if you are driving ou3 to ocean city. giveeit a mommnt. because it could get strong rip currents, that is a problem. but good news issthht it is tracking east and shoulddnot be too much trouble for uu. projected track models. computer models that were used by the nationnl hurricane center and different models show the potential tracks in agreement. 175 miles to 200 miles off the3 coast of ocean city. is where tte eye of the ttrm will begin to track. ú% it turns right. now looking at the temperatures. cooling off to the 70s. with rain cooled error clouds moving in. 80ssh around around baltimore. look where the rain falls? this is the model data showing half inch to inch out here.3 ú%r us, really nothing. maybe a light sppinkle tomorroww briefly. but for the most part. most of the activity is off to ú%e east. as earl miises mainly the3
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mid-atlantic.%but it looksslikee us a vvry close call as thh high pressure keeps it off to the east. and coll front that follows it will continue to push it on back off the attantic. ttacking it heee. future scans show it on the coast. %-area of low pressure, thatt now, just east of bostoo out there. it looks like they ould get heavy rain and gusty winds. but for us, it looks like we should ssay prettt much clear. loooinggat slight chance for a shower tomorrow. start tooclear up later in the day. 93 to 90. 89 on saturray. 80 sunday with lenty of sunshine. ú%nshine on labor day. ann things for early parts of next week aae brighttand clear. bacc to you.., >> the ravens finish theú preseason tonight. how the pur and he will blackú
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>> the preseason finale for the ravens tonight in st. louis going in, john harbaagh said we would not see the starters at all. this was a night for the okay bees e kkys and backups. to show they ddserved a pot on the roster.
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first drive, bradford. airs it down the side line. ú%nny amendola keeps adjustment on the ball. gains for 36 yards inside of the and later innthe ddive. bradford rolls to the right. hooks up with badgeman corner of %-rams down the ravens.ore. to lead 7-0. later in the first. st. loois exposing the second ravens' defense gar bee ttkes it -hrough the line. forced out. ann after a gain of 29 yards. and then mill taps off the drive by gibson in te end zonn. 3-yard touchdown. rams are up by 14. second quarter. forcing t in between two. ellerre has the ppck. watch thii. p show boating at the goal ine. john harbaugh not happy itt the linebacker after that. he chews him out. and at half time john harbaugh
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called it classless. later in the second. ú%vens trail. goal. reid back to return a kick. cuts back in. stifffarms the kicker. and he is taken down inside f st. louis territory. 53 ardsson the return. kid may have made the team. smith disclose it up for3ú williams, great catchh 19 yards. first down. three seconds left before the half. fourth and goal. smith gets the pass. down to the line. chamberlain intercepts it. nothing but grren urf. ú%oks llke he will go 97 yards. look at that run him down. saves the touchdown. ú%ms led at the half. and tte rams give the ravens the >> ravens have a week off before they travel to new year new jersey to face the jets mondaa night. >> f you are heading out to the state fair it looks liie it will i do the cooking, the shopping, shuttling the kids around, i pay the bills,
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forecast. tomorrow, 92 to 93 degrees. clouds but then start tooclear breezy on the easteen shore. sliiht chance for a stray shower. but that should dissipate quickly. 89 saturday. moor sunshine. beautiful sunday. and thee 80 monday. labor day looks fabulous. enjoy it. then as we go throuuh tuesday,
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wednesday, thursday things warm be safe if you are going to the beach. watch the flags.3 >> thank goodness for the cold front coming in from the west. edition". thank you foo joining us tonight i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. hhve a great night. re
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